NY Yankees Digest wants to give back. We want to help aspiring writers show the world what they can do. Do you want to build your brand? There are many websites where you can apply to write but most reviewing bodies want to see samples of a writer’s work or links to their already established blogs. If you do not have the money to start your own blog then you are finished before you start. Have no fear, this is why the group at NY Yankees Digest exists. NY Yankees Digest will fill that void.

With a passionate fan base that is millions strong, the Yankees have legions of talented people just waiting for a chance. Here you get that chance to prove your knowledge and skill while you build your brand. There are no weekly requirements, no editing, and no modification to your created content. Just your thoughts and words for you to share and the world to see. If you write enough you might even earn your own page here at NY Yankees Digest further helping you build your brand. It could be your own personal showcase.

There are just two rules that must be followed. First, swearing and the use of curse words are not authorized. Violation will cause your content to be removed by the New York Yankees Digest staff. Two, we do not report the news here at NY Yankees Digest. We believe in opinion. If you want to talk about something that just happened, make sure your content is opinion. Speak your mind and show the world.  Just do not forget about us when you are the new big shot on the block. Now get to work and make it big. Build your brand now!