2018 AL Awards Predictions, Can Yankees Win American League Hardware

2018 AL Awards PredictionsLast year, the Yankees did well in regards to MLB Awards.  Aaron Judge led the way winning the AL Rookie of the Year award and finishing second for AL MVP.  Luis Severino finished third in AL Cy Young voting.  Even Jordan Montgomery got into the mix finishing third for AL Rookie of the Year.  Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez also pulled in Silver Slugger awards.  Giancarlo Stanton, as a member of the Florida Marlins, won the NL MVP and a Silver Slugger as well. With all that hardware last year, will any Yankees win awards in 2018?  Adam and Rich once again break out the crystal ball, gaze into the future that is the 2018 MLB season, and predict how the Yankees will do in terms of award hardware. Without further ado, here are out 2018 AL Awards predictions.

2018 AL MVP Predictions


Adam: Here we are, looking at the probability of any New York Yankees winning the 2018 AL MVP award. It is interesting to ponder given that the Yankees added the NL MVP via trade and Judge finished second in the voting during his rookie year. Gary Sanchez also thrived offensively from the catcher position but struggled to defensively handle a game as the backstop. In the American League, it is a tough award to win. Mike Trout is the poster child for greatness and if it wasn’t for injury last season, he might have won the award again. Jose Altuve was very impressive in his run to the award, proving to the world just how good he is.

So the going in assumption is that all will be healthy to start the season. If that assumption is true then Mike Trout is the favorite. In his six qualifying seasons, he has won the award twice. Finished second three times, and fourth last year (due to 114 games played). Meanwhile, Altuve is a monster in his own right and finished third in MVP voting two years ago before taking home the hardware this past year. The seasons of Judge and Stanton were both incredible and now Stanton moves to a hitter-friendly environment and a lineup that can protect him. Judge, on the other hand, is going to be in year two so the question is what his sophomore slump might look like. The numbers could still be MVP worthy. The challenge is that with both Stanton and Judge on the same team, they will probably be subject to vote splitting.

So if backed in a corner during my 2018 AL awards predictions, I have no choice to put Mike Trout, the perennial best player in the American League, atop the probable list of AL MVP candidates.

Rich:  Adding Stanton to a lineup that includes Judge means one of them will win the AL MVP right?  Sadly, I don’t think so.  Stanton was the NL MVP last season and Judge was the AL MVP runner-up.  If they both have seasons close to what they did last year, I predict they will end up splitting votes and thus, neither will win the AL MVP.  There are two big reasons why; and they are named Mike Trout and Jose Altuve.  Trout can never be discounted, especially if he plays a full season, and you can’t discount last year’s AL MVP Altuve.  Having teammates produce like Judge/Stanton is great for winning games and possibly winning the World Series, but in this day and age of great players on many teams, it means fewer awards at the end of the season (but I do think all Yankees would much rather have a World Series victory than an individual award).  If Trout plays a full season, and Judge/Stanton split votes, I see Trout winning the AL MVP, Altuve finishing second, and Judge/Stanton finishing third and fourth.

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