2018 AL Awards Predictions, Can Yankees Win American League Hardware


Rich:  Manager of the Year is another tough one to predict before the season starts.  Last season, very few if any people would have predicted that Paul Molitor and the Minnesota Twins would do as well as they did and Molitor would win the Manager of the Year award.  The award goes to the manager of the best team (usually) or the manager that far exceeded expectations with their team.  As the manager for the New York Yankees, Aaron Boone is in a weird spot.  They are expected to win the AL East and compete for the World Series, so exceeding expectations would be tough.  They are a young team, so that helps in winning the Manager of the Year.  However, it is also the New York Yankees so when it comes to Manager of the Year history is not on their side – Joe Torre only won twice with the Yankees (1996 and 1998), and Buck Showalter once (1994).  In 1998, the Yankees were one of the greatest teams in history, and 1994 was the best AL team (the Montreal Expos were the best MLB team).  The 1996 Yankees exceeded all expectations and did very well (season resulted in a World Series win but the votes are cast BEFORE the playoffs start).  I do predict that Aaron Boone will win the Manager of the Year because the Yankees should not only win the AL East, but they should be one of the best teams in the league.

Adam: Of all the 2018 AL Awards predictions, there is not an award that is more of a challenge or dart on the wall than Manager of the Year. When you have to factor in team performance, injuries, perceived notions of franchise abilities, and a multitude of other items it makes the choice an almost impossible task. A manager does not have to be on the best team in the American League to win the award, it could be a team that exceeded expectations or overcame a multitude of challenges.

While there will be a few managers more likely than others to take home the hardware in 2018. It could be a manager that won in the past but not Paul Molitor, since he won last year and there has never been a back-to-back winner of the AL Manager of the Year award. It could be Alex Cora in Boston, Scott Servais in Seattle, Kevin Cash in Tampa, or Aaron Boone in New York.

Of all the possible options, Aaron Boone seems like the most likely option at this point in time. He inherits a good team with a lot of plus players. While he lacks managerial experience, there is no doubt that has a very high baseball IQ. If the team plays well, his lack of experience would help in the eyes of the voters. He is destined to have a team that should make the playoffs and that bodes well for the award.  It is hard to predict so, this time, I will homer it up.

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Adam: It was fun to run out 2018 AL Awards predictions. We all know the team performance will always eclipse what any player does individually but it is always fun to see if your team has a chance for some individual awards as well. I believe Yankees will contend but most awards will stay out of reach. However, if Yankees finish in the top-4 in MVP, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, and more than the team must be in great shape and that is something that is very exciting always.

Rich:  The Yankees should compete for all major awards, not to mention things like Silver Sluggers and Gold Gloves.  Boone, Andujar, and Severino should walk away with hardware in November 2018.  In order to win these awards, the players need to all perform well individually and as a team.  The individual awards would be great, but, I think all Yankees fans can agree, that the one award we all are looking forward to is a World Series victory!  2018 should be great for the fans of the New York Yankees as they play towards the 28th World Series title in team history!

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