2018 Yankees Playoff Predictions World Series Projection

2018 YANKEES PLAYOFF PREDICTIONSThe 2017 “rebuilding season” is in the books and it ended on a sad note for the Yankees faithful as the team fell to the Astros in the American League Championship Series. But in retrospect, the true analyst and fan can see the possibilities in the future based on the display of 2017. What does that mean for any 2018 Yankees playoff predictions? Let’s take a look at this a little bit further.

Young stars have arrived in the form of Gary Sanchez, Jordan Montgomery, and Aaron Judge. Greg Bird was delayed but showed after his return that he is the First Basemen of the present and future. Luis Severino, with a little help from Pedro Martinez, has marked his ground as the ace of the Yankees rotation. Skillful acquisitions like Aaron Hicks, Sonny Gray, and Didi Gregorius are paying dividends greater than expected.

Then, this offseason the Yankees add the power bat of Giancarlo Stanton to an already formidable lineup. This team can put up historic offensive numbers in 2018 and truly make the Yankees the Bronx Bombers again. Rich Stowe and Adam Solowiei, members of New York Yankees Digest Roundtable, decided to take a joint look at the 2018 Yankees playoff predictions and forecast what might come in 2018.

2018 Yankees Playoff Predictions – AL East Finish

Adam – 1st Place American League East, 98-64 Record

It will seem a tad bit out of the nowhere but I think there is a real chance the Yankees win the AL East by as much as 10 games. Crazy? A bit but the Toronto has done nothing to get much better. The Orioles are in the same boat and might move Machado before the trade deadline, Tampa has ground to makeup and Boston did it on the backs of two starting pitchers. Sale might be able to replicate his 2017 but it will be tough. Pomeranz will be hard-set to replicate his 2017. The Yankees rotation should only get better than 2017 and the offense is much improved. It is not just Stanton but another year for Judge, Gregorious, and a healthy Greg Bird. Add in Torres coming up, bench depth, and the best bullpen in baseball and that is the recipe for a big year. Don’t worry, they will sort out 3B.

Rich – 1st Place American League East, 99-63 Record

We are in agreement for a change.  With the lineup, the Yankees have, the rotation that is better than most people think, and the best/deepest bullpen in the game, the AL East is the Yankees to lose.  The Red Sox are the only true threat in the division, and while they boast a great starting rotation, they are missing key elements in their lineup (dependent on if they sign JD Martinez or another big bat of course).  Even if Judge and Stanton don’t mimic the 50+ HR seasons they had last year (I do think they will), the lineup is still formidable provided there are no great/long-term injuries.  Even a slight “downgrade” will still produce a lineup that will put up runs.  Severino and Montgomery are the pitchers of the future NOW and Tanaka and Gray will provide some pretty good numbers as well.  This doesn’t even address youngsters like Torres or Frazier who may provide additional pop and add more youthful energy to a team that is once again YOUNG and on the brink of winning it all now.

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2018 Yankees Playoff Predictions – Can They Win The World Series

Rich – Yes they can, but not sure if they will

The Yankees made it to Game 7 of the ALCS last year, in what was basically supposed to be a throw-away year.  They are “years ahead of schedule” in regards to winning it all.  Several players had career years last year (Judge, Severino) and the Yankees need them to not regress too far this season.  A full season of Greg Bird and adding Stanton only makes it more likely that the Yankees can win it all this year.  I predict them making it to the ALCS at a minimum.

They will be a tough out for any opposing pitchers and the Yankees pitchers are tough in October as well.  The Yankees fan in me yells, “OF COURSE THEY WILL WIN IT ALL – THE NEXT DYNASTY STARTS NOW” but the realist in me knows that anything can happen, especially in October.  The Astros and Indians should be the teams to beat in the AL as well, and in a 7 game series, anything can happen.  Then, just making the World Series, probably means taking on the Nationals or Dodgers, and again, anything can happen.

I do see this Yankees team winning at least 1 World Series title in the next 5 years (if not more), I’m just not sure when that will be.  If they do win it all in 2018, they will have a great chance at winning multiple titles again.

Adam – They can and I will say they will win in 2018

It must be a new year since there were two options in this 2018 Yankees playoff predictions article and we basically agree on both. I guess that must make it true. I agree that trying to say winning a World Series is guaranteed is an exercise in futility. The probability if the Yankees winning their 28th World Series in the near term is very high but I cannot say with certainty that they will win it in 2018.

The major challenger in the American League is clearly the Astros and with the addition of Gerrit Cole (possibly) to a rotation that was already formidable is scary. Heck, they won it all last year without him and they get who would be a number one or two in many rotations. The Red Sox still might add an impact power bat and if that happens they are formidable. The Indians with a Cy Young Award winner and dominant force in Kluber cannot be avoided. I am less worried about the National League representative than I am about the “in-house” concerns.

With all that said, the Yankees have built a young, talented, and hungry team that wants to win. The return of CC Sabathia to the fold coupled with David Robertson and Brett Gardner ensures the Yankees have veterans from the last World Series title to mentor and shape the younger guys when the moments get bigger than they are ready to handle. The offense in New York is undeniable and the rotation is very good and many do not understand how good it really is.

I believe that the Yankees are one of the four favorites to win the 2018 World Series. I believe that will be accurate over the next few years. If you held a gun to my head and forced me to make a yes or no choice I will go ahead and do it. For my 2018 Yankees playoff predictions, I will say that the Bronx Bombers will win the 2018 World Series.

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