2018 Yankees Predictions Judge, Stanton, Trades

2018 YANKEES PREDICTIONSIt is that time of year again. It is not the beginning of the regular season or even when pitchers and catchers report. It is a much greater entertainment value than all of that. It is the time of year when we presuppose what will and will not happen over the coming year in relation to every team in Major League Baseball. There will be no World Series predictions here, which is saved for another article. For our part at NY Yankees Digest, it is obviously all about the Yankees. Let’s take a look at 2018 Yankees Predictions.

However, we are going to have a little bit of fun with a few of these predictions. Some will be about the season, some might be about trade or break out prospects, while others will be for the fun of it. Why not enjoy life and pass the time with a little bit of humor. We all need to laugh. Now sit back and learn, laugh, and enjoy as we look at the 2018 Yankees Predictions. You are warned in advance that some of these are bold.

2018 Yankees Predictions No. 1

Yankees Win AL East By 10+ Games

This is a division that is always tightly contested. The Yankees fell two games short of the Boston Red Sox in 2017 and the Red Sox team is still whole. So how could I predict a double-digit division win? Toronto has done nothing to get better. The Orioles are in the same boat and might move Machado before the trade deadline, Tampa has ground to make up and Boston did it on the backs of two starting pitchers. Sale might be able to replicate his 2017 but it will be tough. Pomeranz will be hard-set to replicate his 2017. The Yankees rotation should only get better than 2017 and the offense is much improved. It is not just Stanton but another year for Judge, Gregorious, and a healthy Greg Bird. Add in Torres coming up, bench depth, and the best bullpen in baseball and that is the recipe for a big year. Don’t worry, they will sort out 3B.

2018 Yankees Predictions No. 2

Brett Gardner Will Be Traded By The Trade Deadline

The Yankees have made no attempt to hide the youth movement within the organization and Gardner will be in some young prospects way soon enough. Even now he is in a crowd that includes the newly acquired Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks, talented prospect Clint Frazier amongst others. There were lukewarm attempts to trade Gardner and equal levels of interest in the past. But when July comes around and a contender needs a veteran or an outfield piece to push them over the top they will call. The Yankees might get a mid or low-level prospect but they will clear Gardner off the books and free up space for the future.

2018 Yankees Predictions No. 3

Yankees Will Acquire Manny Machado Via Trade *BOLD*

Machado is another one of the insanely talented mid-twenties players that could be cornerstones for the current franchise. He is in the same vein as Harper but slightly lower on the overall impact scale.  The challenge here is that he would be staying in the division and most MLB teams do not want to trade players (especially superstars) within the division. The challenge for the Orioles will be the contract that Machado will command given the largest contract in team history belongs to Chris Davis. He signed a seven-year, $161 Mil deal giving an average of $23 Mil per year. Machado is a superior hitter and fielder with a tougher positional placement. He is also 5 years younger than when Davis signed his deal. A $30-$35 Mil per year contract for 10 years is not out of the question. The Yankees could offer them the prospects the Orioles farm system needs to rebuild at an offer that can’t be passed up. An extension agreement would be required for the deal and given the agent Machado employs, that will be tough.

2018 Yankees Predictions No. 4

Yankees Break Single Season Team Home Run Record

Seems to go without saying that the 2018 iteration of the Yankees will surely be the Bronx Bombers but eclipsing an all-time record is a lot to ask for any team. The current single-season team home run record belongs to the 1997 Seattle Mariners with a whopping 264. The 2018 Yankees should be in a position to leave that number in their rearview mirror. Let’s look at some conservative predictions for the starting lineup: Stanton hits 40, Judge hits 40, Sanchez hits 30, Bird along with Gregorious, Gardner, and Hicks all hit 20. Then the combination of Torres and whoever else plays 3B or 2B hit 15. That total is 205. That is filled up with worst case scenarios and not including a single player, not in the starting lineup. To think the total can pass 264 is more than probable.

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Felix Feliciano
Felix Feliciano

The Yankee r the best team in all of sports I’ve been a fan since the early 60’s n they half been in a class by them self I’m proud 2 be a fan of the best team in all of sports. Thank u YANKEES (YES)

Felix Feliciano
Felix Feliciano

Looking foward 2 see the best in 2018 n another championship YES

Andrew Farelli

I don’t think it’s a bold projection that Machado will be traded to the Yankees because Peter Angelos (Orioles onwer) has refused to trade Machado to the Yankees at all. (Red sox fan)

Reuven Tenam

I have been a fan since 1968. This year will be the first time I will have witnessed a team of stature like no team I have witnessed in the past. Just on the potential for home runs exceeding 280 and runs scored greater then 1000 I am excited more now then the greatest year for me 1998 when they won a total of 125 wins including the playoffs. Yankee nation will have a continuous party for more then 6 months. Man I love it.

Allan Woodcort

If the Yankees want to trade Brett Gardner it will have to be a little before the July 31 trade deadline. I believe he obtains 10/5 rights on or about July 7, 2018 at that point he can veto any trade. For the record I do agree he will be traded though.

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