2018 Yankees Predictions Judge, Stanton, Trades


2018 Yankees Predictions No. 5

Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton Will Be Second Duo to Hit 50 Home Runs In A Season

Only one time in the history of baseball has teammates ever hit 50 home runs in the same season. That moment, of course, belongs to the M&M boys in 1961. Mantle and Marris did it then and the Yankees Twin Towers could do it in 2018. Stanton moves from a less than hitter-friendly stadium in Miami to a jet stream in New York. It is hard to believe but he could break 60 in 2018. Judge has shown an ability to hit 50 and in this lineup, they cannot be intentionally walked every time.

2018 Yankees Predictions No. 6

The Starting Rotation With Lead Major League Baseball In Wins

Some would say that I am banking on the offense to carry the rotation to the win lead but that is only part of it. Of course, it is hard to argue that the offense will go a long way in helping out but it is not the only variable that matters.  Luis Severino, Masahiro Tanaka, Sonny Gray, Jordan Montgomery, and CC Sabathia are more than capable of holding up their end.  To see more about why I feel this way you can check out the article I wrote on the NY Yankees 2018 starting rotation.

2018 Yankees Predictions No. 7

Miguel Andujar Wins 3B Job In Spring Training

As of the time of this writing, the Yankees have yet to resolve the issue at 3B. Some argue it will be Torres but 2B is a spot he can thrive. That means 3B is open. The Yankees have looked for options and have not ruled out resigning someone like Todd Frazier. However, the team will most certainly have Miguel Andujar at Spring Training. His offensive upside and cannon arm could be enough for him to quiet the rumors and land the starting job to start the season. He got a taste of the Big Show in 2017 after being called up for five games. While a small sample, he did hit .571 with two doubles and four RBI in those five games. The solution to the Yankees 3B problem just might be in-house when he plays in his age 23 season.

 2018 Yankees Predictions No. 8

Yankees Attendance Will Be Over 4 MIL In 2017

At first glance, everyone might say, “Duh, of course” but it is far from that easy. Attendance has been dropping steadily since 2008 (4.298 MIL). The number last year came in at just over 3.1 MIL and the year before was just over 3 MIL. Also, the new Yankee Stadium seats about 3,000 less per game at capacity. All of these things lend to lesser attendance when you couple in the YES network and overall television options. But the Yankees fans will be flocking to watch the “new crop” and the new Twin Towers of NY. Some are expecting a new “Core 4” in the next couple of years and that will bring them out. It is a tall task to hit 4 MIL but watch them do it this year.

2018 Yankees Predictions No. 9

Dandy Returns As Yankees Mascot *WHY NOT*

This is clearly pure fun for me. Dandy was created in the late 1970s and never got his chance to shine. The intentional resemblance to Thurman Munson was a problem after his tragic death. Dandy lived in the upper decks but never became mainstream. Why not a revamped Dandy (maybe in a Judges robe) causing mayhem on dugouts and around the lower level. Some good ole fun is never a bad thing. Bring back Dandy.

2018 Yankees Predictions No. 10

Yankees Will Trade Or Cut Jacoby Ellsbury Before All-Star Break

That given the right environment and situation Jacoby Ellsbury might wave his no-trade clause. Now, this is a sticky at best situation that would probably involve some creativity on all fronts and probably involve his home team Mariners. But of course, you have a mid-30s player on a team that can win so it will be a tough sell. Tough is not impossible though. It would be more of a cash dump than any real return but if the Yankees include a Chance Adams and agree to pay 25 percent of the contract in the deal it might happen. If it is not going to happen the Yankees may choose to eat the money or come up with some type of buyout to clear the way for other talented outfield prospects. Ellsbury has shown he has no interest in leaving and appears to be prioritizing rings over playing time at this point in his career. I still expect some more work on this front and the Yankees to pull the trigger one way or another.

There you have it, my 2018 Yankees predictions. Some are informative, some are bold, and others are just meant for entertainment. I hope you enjoyed them and if you have any other predictions feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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Felix Feliciano
Felix Feliciano

The Yankee r the best team in all of sports I’ve been a fan since the early 60’s n they half been in a class by them self I’m proud 2 be a fan of the best team in all of sports. Thank u YANKEES (YES)

Felix Feliciano
Felix Feliciano

Looking foward 2 see the best in 2018 n another championship YES

Andrew Farelli

I don’t think it’s a bold projection that Machado will be traded to the Yankees because Peter Angelos (Orioles onwer) has refused to trade Machado to the Yankees at all. (Red sox fan)

Reuven Tenam

I have been a fan since 1968. This year will be the first time I will have witnessed a team of stature like no team I have witnessed in the past. Just on the potential for home runs exceeding 280 and runs scored greater then 1000 I am excited more now then the greatest year for me 1998 when they won a total of 125 wins including the playoffs. Yankee nation will have a continuous party for more then 6 months. Man I love it.

Allan Woodcort

If the Yankees want to trade Brett Gardner it will have to be a little before the July 31 trade deadline. I believe he obtains 10/5 rights on or about July 7, 2018 at that point he can veto any trade. For the record I do agree he will be traded though.

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