Alex Rodriguez Back to the Yankees?

Alex Rodriguez will be at Spring Training as a Guest Instructor. This is per a quote from Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner.

No matter what you may think of A-Rod and his history of PED use, there is no denying his knowledge of hitting and his baseball IQ – this has never been questioned by anyone who played with or against him.

Back last season when A-Rod’s retirement was being discussed, a coworker and I talked about how there was basically three ways it was going to go for Alex:

1 – He would fight any forced retirement tooth and nail and never be allowed back in the Yankees good graces

2 – He would leave the Yankees but then sign on elsewhere to continue his career

3 – He would go quietly with the understanding that his career was done, however, if he did it properly and with zero fuss, chances are there would always be a place for him in Spring Training as a Guest Instructor (a la Reggie Jackson) for as long as he would want it and just maybe, one day, a coaching gig with the club at some level.

So far, it appears Alex Rodriguez has chosen option 3. For now it appears, he is happy with broadcasting and the Guest Instructor details are still to be worked out for this Spring Training.

If you told me back before 2014 that any of this would be possible, with A-Rod suing MLB and arguing with the Yankees, I would have told you were crazy. However, when he returned in 2015 after his suspension and said all the right things and did all the right things on the field, he drastically improved his long-term prospects with the Yankees and with MLB in general.

I know I look forward to seeing how he can help the Yankees young prospects such as Gleyber Torres both in the field and at the plate, and other prospects such as Greg Bird, Aaron Judge, Jorge Mateo and Clint Frazier with everything they would need to become successful members of the New York Yankees.

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