Alex Rodriguez Hired As Full-Time Fox Sports Baseball Analyst

He is back, well okay he never really went away. Alex Rodriguez hired as a full-time Fox Sports baseball analyst should come as no surprise to anyone that understands the realities of the game. A specific item had to become official before the deal could be done. About three weeks ago, without much fanfare, Alex Rodriguez made it official claiming he had no intention of staging a comeback in what would have been his age 41 season.

One thing was for sure, Alex Rodriguez was going to find a way to stay in and around the game he loves. Fox Sports gave him a true chance during the World Series a couple of years ago and then a true test last fall when Rodriguez was a part of Fox Sports MLB Post-Season coverage. By all accounts from fans and from other members of the media, Rodriguez showed very well and displayed one thing we all knew about him already. Despite all the PED issues, lies, and other situations made prevalent in that saga; Rodriguez has always been regarded with high esteem in relation to baseball IQ and the intricacies surrounding the game.

On a personal note, I have penned ad nauseam over the years ago my issues with Alex Rodriguez and how his obsession with greatness diluted his reality and logic. I will be delivering a final piece on that in the coming months but I have never questioned the baseball acumen of Alex Rodriguez and his obsession with greatness. While the latter hampered him, it also brought him in earlier than other players, caused him to spend thousands of hours watching video, and ensured he truly learned the game in ways others have not.

Broadcasting is the perfect vessel to display everything that Rodriguez has learned. Alex Rodriguez hired by Fox Sports is a big and somewhat bold move that will pay dividends for the network since he can be a part of Fox Sports Saturday coverage, studio work (where he can excel), and even cross over to YES (in which Fox Sports owns a controlling stake) programming.

Rodriguez comes across as intelligent, likeable, and well prepared which are keys to success on television. There is no reason to think that he will bring the same work ethic to broadcasting that he brought to the ballpark for 20+ years of Major League Baseball service. Expect his role to expand with the network as the months go forward. This move should come as no surprise to anyone who followed Rodriguez and you could sense the future even before last year. Just listen to him on the Michael Kay show. The end game was inevitable, Alex Rodriguez hired.

Video Courtesy of YESNetwork

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