Derek Jeter Ownership Team Wins Bid To Buy Marlins

Derek Jeter made no bones about it. He wanted to own a Major League Baseball team and we all knew it would never be the Yankees. So now what? Enter the Miami Marlins and a current owner who wants nothing more than to sell and get out of baseball. The Derek Jeter ownership team is intriguing but it should be made pretty clear, Jeter is a minority owner in a group that includes former governor Jeb Bush, who would be the controlling owner at 51 percent. There are a number of silent investors that will become public as vetting moves forward.

The winning bid came in at $1.3 billion. Quite the return on investment for an owner who originally purchased the franchise for around $150 million. Vetting and ratification will come from the other MLB owners presumably at the next ownership meetings in a month after a review of the Derek Jeter ownership group information.

The Derek Jeter ownership team is not overly surprising. Jeb Bush comes from a family with baseball in their blood. Remember who used to be part owner of the Texas Rangers? George W. Bush might have passed on a little family insight or information.  In regards to Jeter, towards the end of his playing career, he made his team ownership interests known but what is not known now is how he will be used.

Magic Johnson style is probably the closest to a known for how Jeter will be involved. As part of the Dodgers ownership group, Magic is the “face” who talks to the media, does ceremonial things on the field, and the like. He is the likeable famous owner that fans can associate and relate to. Jeter will be the same, at least in part of his duties.

It is just hard for me to believe, regardless of ownership stake, that Jeter will just be a piece or face in the Derek Jeter ownership team. He might not have worked in the front office or bring any true experience of that nature to the club but Jeter knows baseball and players respect who he was and what he is.

At a minimum I would expect that Jeter will be an active owner/mentor to the players while endearing the team and new ownership to the city of Miami and South Florida. Ironically, a New York Yankee legend is part of a group that looks to become the ownership of the Marlins and another Yankee legend is the manager in Don Mattingly. See all New Yorkers head to Florida when they get older.

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