Michael Pineda Tommy John Surgery Is Possible

Yankee Stadium DaylightBrian Cashman, New York Yankees General Manager, stepped up today to deliver crushing news to the Yankees fan base and reporters. Michael Pineda has an apparent partially torn ulnar collateral ligament in his throwing elbow. Do we all know what that means by now? Michael Pineda Tommy John surgery is possible and arguably probable. Pineda will seek a second opinion but this probably only ends one way and that is with a knife.

The Yankees were already on the pitching hunt and now they lose one of their better options. Pineda started out the season on fire but over the last couple of months he was regressing a bit. I think it is safe to say that we all know why now. Even with the slump he was averaging almost 9 K/9 and 2 BB/9. Even if Pineda decided to avoid the knife, any alternative treatment probably ends his season and time in New York.

For Pineda the timing could not have been worse. This is his contract year and he was pitching to get paid this off-season by either the Yankees or some other team with pitching needs. He would have only been 29 years old so a 4-6 year deal was almost a guarantee. Now if he goes under the knife he will miss the rest of this season most, if not all, of next year. Couple those thoughts with the idea what he has seen surgery on his pitching arm in the past.

Here is hoping for the best for Pineda in his future and hopefully some team takes a chance with him after he heals. The Yankees will stick with internal solutions like Bryan Mitchell and Luis Cessa for now. You can expect that  prospect Chance Adams will make his debut this year as well. A trade is not out of the question but New York has made it known that they really do not want to part with many prospects right now. It will be interesting sailing for the team and Pineda going forward.

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