New York Yankees Captains List, Did You Know

Yankee StadiumAs every fan of America’s pastime is aware, the New York Yankees are a storied franchise with 27 championships. Even with all the history that the New York Yankees embody, it is interesting to note that there have only been 11 New York Yankees captains. Many would expect more but the ball club holds the position with great reverence and pick captains sparingly. In fact, some players that many would expect to be captains never had the honor. Historically, some others that became captains might shock you. It has never been a popularity contest to become a New York Yankees captain.

List of New York Yankees Captains

PlayerPositionTerm as Captain
Hal ChaseFirst Base1912
Roger PeckinpaughShortstop1914-1921
Babe RuthOutfield20-25 May 1922
Everett ScottShortstop1922-1925
Lou GehrigFirst Base21 April 1935-2 June 1941
Thurman MunsonCatcher17 April 1976- 2 August 1979
Graig NettlesThird Base29 January 1982- 30 March 1984
Willie RandolphSecond Base4 March 1986- 2 October 1988
Ron GuidryPitcher4 March 1986- 12 July 1989
Don MattinglyFirst Base1991- 1995
Derek JeterShortstop3 June 2003- 2014

Did You Know

1 – There have been 11 captains of the New York Yankees. Some locations will claim 13 or even as many as 15 captains in franchise history. However, the Yankees did not become the “Yankees” until 1913. From that period forward there has been the 11 above.

2 – Babe Ruth was only captain for six days. He lost his position after throwing dirt in the face of umpire George Hildebrand and allegedly getting into a fight with a fan after being ejected.

3 – There has only been one period when the Yankees had Co-Captains. That time began when Willie Randolph and Ron Guidry were named as New York Yankees Captains in 1986.

4 – After the passing of Lou Gehrig, the Yankees went without a captain for almost 35 years. A new captain was not named until George Steinbrenner bought the team and Thurman Munson was bestowed with the honor.

5 – Sad fact: Lou Gehrig held the title of Captain until his passing. Thurman Munson, who replaced him 35 years later remained Yankees Captain until his tragic passing as well. An ironically sad twist in the history of New York Yankees captains.

6 – Derek Jeter maintains the longest streak as Yankees Captain which lasted 12 years.Only his retirement ended the streak of “The Captain.”

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