WRITE WITH US NY YANKEES DIGEST BUILD YOUR BRANDNY Yankees Digest is a veteran-owned sports brand created by a passionate core of knowledgeable baseball historians and published writers. NY Yankees Digest launched in 2017 with a simple idea. Do not worry about quantity, just focus on quality. We will rarely report the news (everyone is already doing that with computer programs) instead we will focus on history, opinion, debate, and long-form content. Readers want to be engaged through thought-provoking content that will make you think or generate debate.

However, we know how hard it was for us to break into sports media and everyone deserves the chance to write about their favorite team and everyone deserves a shot to be found or attempt a career as a sports journalist. With that we have provided a mechanism to make that a reality. Here NY Yankees Digest has launched the first ever site where fans can come and build their brand without application, requirements, or anyone getting in their way. Here you can reach for the stars and share your work with the world.


The mission of NY Yankees Digest is to become the first choice for respected opinion, interaction, entertainment and user driven content around baseball, more specifically the New York Yankees. With that in mind NY Yankees Digest promises the following:

Up Front and Honest: NY Yankees Digest believes in a foundation of ethical behavior, honesty and integrity throughout day–to-day business. Regardless of topic or event, NY Yankees Digest will always work in an up front and honest way.

The Highest Standard: NY Yankees Digest believes in performance excellence. That proprietorship will meet or exceed the expectations of our readership. If at any point in time a reader feels this to be inaccurate they should let us know.

Never Be Content: NY Yankees Digest believes in forward thinking. We know that being content is the first step towards failure. To that end NY Yankees Digest will continue to implement new features and increase user interaction. We will always remain focused on promoting and optimizing the exposure of NY Yankees Digest through a growing global presence.