Yankees Acquire Giancarlo Stanton – How A Trade Could Happen


Well Major League Baseball has a second season and it is here folks. We all know it and some of us find it more entertaining than the actual baseball on the field. It is Hot Stove season and business will be picking up while the rumors start to float. Shockingly Derek Jeter has reached out to Brian Cashman and the Yankees about a deal involving Giancarlo Stanton. Okay, it is clearly not shocking as upwards of half of baseball will at least kick the tires on the idea themselves but it is a tad bit interesting that Jeter is the one to reach out. But for us to read a definitive headline like “Yankees Acquire Giancarlo Stanton” would be no simple task at all. But is it possible? Yes it is and here are a couple of scenarios that might not be probable but are clearly possible.

Can The Yankees Acquire Giancarlo Stanton? Discussion Assumptions

Before we get into it there are a few assumptions about the Yankees and the future of the franchise that probably need to be spelled out to help frame the conversation. There are a few players in the system and currently up with the big club that are all but untouchable. Aaron Judge, the reigning AL ROY and home run king is off the market for anyone not named Mike Trout. Gary Sanchez, the Yankees backstop of now and the next decade is untouchable. Luis Severino had an incredible year and made a run at the Cy Young so yep, he is touchable. After that there are prospects the Yankees love but none that are completely unmovable given the world’s greatest option.

Another assumption will be a big one. That given the right environment and situation that Jacoby Ellsbury would wave his no-trade clause. Now this is a sticky at best situation that would probably involve some creativity on all fronts. But of course you have a mid-30s player on a team that can win so it will be a tough sell. Tough is not impossible though. Let’s imagine these scenarios from the perspectives of the executives involved in negotiations.

Can The Yankees Acquire Giancarlo Stanton? Scenario One

The Yankees and their former Captain sit down and talk turkey. Brian Cashman reminds Jeter that he knows the Marlins are looking to get payroll down to $100 Mil or less after raises. Jeter then reminds Cashman that half of baseball is calling about Stanton and options are smacking him in the face wherever he turns. They chuckle and starting talking realities.

They talk contract which reminds us that Stanton has 10 years and almost $300 Mil left on his deal but he does have an opt out in 2020. If he did not opt out then a little less than $30 Mil per is actually a solid price assuming he stays healthy. Cashman points out the injury history and a surplus of outfielders already while Jeter reminds him it is the AL and he could be the designated hitter.

Jeter mentions names like Clint Frazier, Gleyber Torres, Justus Sheffield, Tyler Austin, Luis Cessa, and more as players the Marlins would love to see stay in Florida after Spring Training. After each name Cashman cringes a little bit as if to imply the thought of losing any of them is too much to bear. He dusts himself off, sits back, and asks Jeter if he plans on eating any of the contract. Jeter drops a flat, NO, and Cashman comes up with a plan that Jeter is intrigued with.

The Yankees will take Giancarlo Stanton and his full contract but the Marlins will have to do the Yankees a solid. His name is Chase Headley and $10 Mil owed in the final year of his contract while the Yankees will eat $3 Mil of the contract. With that veteran leadership the Yankees will also ship Clint Frazier, Tyler Austin, and Luis Cessa in the deal. The Marlins get a young arm, a MLB adjusted outfielder in Frazier and a first baseman/right fielder in Austin as protection in case they lose or refuse to pay Marcell Ozuna. Done and done. Cashman manages to give up two prospects that will not have Rule 5 protection in Austin and Cessa (so they will lose them anyway), a stud in Frazier is lost but so it Chase Headley which allows Castro to move to Third Base making room for Torres. It is a stretch but it could happen and could end with the “Yankees Acquire Giancarlo Stanton” headline we were talking about.

Can The Yankees Acquire Giancarlo Stanton? Scenario Two

Here we are again with two friends at a table talking about the future of two franchises, a new legacy for Jeter, and how to make it all happen. As expected the size of the contract, his injury history and the expected opt out for Stanton are all discussed. Again Jeter waxes poetic about the young guys in New York that he likes. Clint Frazier, Gleyber Torres, Justus Sheffield, Tyler Austin, Luis Cessa, and more are on his list of players that the Miami Marlins might be interested in.

Cashman throws out a new concern in this scenario. That concern comes in the form of Jacoby Ellsbury and the $60 Mil left over the next three seasons. Jeter chuckles and asks why he would eat any of that contract when he is try to dump payroll. Besides, he implies, Ellsbury is not waving a no trade clause to come to Miami. At his age and wanting to win there is no incentive.

Cashman points at a name he wrote down on some paper. Jeter chuckles and implies that is interesting and that things just got interesting. The name on the paper is Jerry Dipoto. He is the General Manager of the Seattle Mariners. Why Seattle? The Mariners are on the cusp of being a real contender, Jacoby Ellsbury grew up in the area, idolized Ken Griffey Jr., and went to many Seattle Mariners games. Even mid-30s Ellsbury is an outfield upgrade. Seattle also needs a first baseman long term, bullpen help, and a bit of a change.

So how would this go? Obviously the Mariners would not just take Ellsbury out of the kindness of their hearts. Now if you thought the last scenario was insane then buckle up buttercup because here it comes.


Jacoby Ellsbury and his whole contract wave their no trade clause to go home(ish) to Seattle. He also brings Tyler Austin and Dellin Betances with him to Seattle.

Giancarlo Stanton waves his no trade clause to move to New York City and play ball for the Yankees until at least 2020. The Bombers also add the arm of 2015 2nd Round pick Andrew Moore from Seattle.

The Marlins get full Giancarlo Stanton salary relief from the Yankees as a start. The Yankees also send Clint Frazier and Luis Cessa to Miami. Miami also acquires Edwin Diaz from Seattle as a young, cheap, controllable closer type.

Seem really farfetched? That is fair. Does it seem like the Yankees are giving up a lot? It might. It sure would make December interesting. But why would it work?

Seattle adds a bit of payroll that they can handle and get an outfield/first base upside guy in Tyler Austin. Betances is instantly their closer without the New York stress. Ellsbury fills a need for them and is an upgrade in their outfield right away.

Miami saves a ton of money, get a play right away future All-Star in Clint Frazier, add another arm in Cessa, and take a big step in locking in the bullpen long term. All the additions are controllable at cheap prices over the next few years.

The Yankees give up Cessa and Austin that they will lose to Rule 5. The offload the Ellsbury salary they want to dump. The loss of Frazier hurts but he is blocked for playing time and we have farm depth in the outfield. Who knows if Betances recovers after last year post head shot besides that is a position of depth. The addition of Stanton make a crazy 2-3-4 and the arm of Moore has real upside. It is clearly a stretch but fun to imagine.

Can The Yankees Acquire Giancarlo Stanton? Wrap Up

Disclaimer: Do I think either of these scenarios will actually happen? No I do not. I do not think Stanton will become a Yankee but both of these scenarios (while a bit insane) are possible and reasonable for all parties. Just imagine that 2-3-4 for the next three years.

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Steamer projects 2018 WAR of 0.4 for Jacoby Ellsbury, a negative 0.1 for Tyler Austin, 1.7 for Mitch Haniger, 1.2 for Guillermo Heredia and 0.5 for Ben Gamel.

How is Ellsbury (with $68.4 million remaining on his contract) and upgrade for Seattle?

Why would the Mariners trade five years of 23-year-old closer Edwin Diaz, with a projected 2018 WAR of 1.0, for two years of Dellin Betances, which a projected 2018 WAR of 1.1?

The proposal makes no sense for the Seattle Mariners.

Sweet Dick Willie
Sweet Dick Willie

Your trade proposal sucks.


Austin and Cessa are already on the 40 man, so they are not Rule 5 draft eligible. To take them off the 40 man the Yanks expose them to waivers in which any team can claim them. Both would get claimed by a number of teams.


When I was voting I knew it was going to be “no” but actually hated to check “No Way” because I think both of your scenarios are reasonable. I’m not sure of the payroll ramifications in acquiring Stanton, but I think the only way it would happen is if the Marlins were willing and able to eat most of the first year thus allowing the Yankees to reset. Though I have to admit I’m not even sure that MLB would deem something like this as legal.

Greg Budell

Stat heads and projections. DiPoto might see the value of an enervated Ellsbury coming home with something to prove. Yeah it’s a risk. A ticked off Betances has something to prove. I know the nickname won’t happen but I can’t get the “twin towers” out of my head with Stanton and Judge- my 2 favorite players in the game- in the same outfield. Bird between them in the lineup. Scary, with Sanchez and Didi? That’s why I love the offseason as much as the regular season. But until Jeter gets something done on Stanton, it’s moving like sludge. Do it,… Read more »


The flawed logic is that the Yanks added both Austin & Cessa to their 40 man roster. So, neither of those players are being lost to the Rule 5 Draft. Therefore, to lose Austin, Cessa, Frazier & Betances in order to pick up 3 years of Stanton at max salary doesn’t make sense.

John Lagemann

Nice article well thought out. Your first scenario seems more likely as Ellsbury really complicates any scenario. I don’t believe the Yanks will pull off a trade for Stanton nor do I want them to. I really dislike opt outs and don’t want to lock into a guy with a WWE physique who might break down early. Frazier is no Stanton but I’d rather see about dumping Ellsbury and 40 million so Seattle takes him off our hands. Frazier can play 5 games or so per week while the outfielders are rotated, rested, and given occasional dh games. I don’t… Read more »

Haniel Adhar Markradonn

This is a very reasonable article. I do not think the NYY will give up Clint Frazier, though. I feel that if the Yankees do this deal, they will have to send more than one arm to the Marlins, and two outfielders. So, I see Chance Adams going to Miami if they do a deal to get Stanton. This is how I see it: Adams, Cessa, Florial, McKinney and Paying $250 million of the contract for Giancarlo Stanton. Those 4 prospects would be better than anything anyone else will offer, and I believe no one else will take that much… Read more »

donnie passmore

Too much. I say the Marlins want pitching. Adams, Acevedo, Tate, Andujar and McKinney get it done.

Adrian Podilla

No way the Marlins do that deal for those pitchers.The Marlins want pitching as this isn’t just a full salary dump.You have to throw in Sheffield/Chase , plus a lower pitcher prospect like Abreu/Guzman and maybe a Jake Cave type guy.

Kevin Cannon

Clearly another insane Yankee hallucination. No way Seattle gives up both Moore and Diaz, even if to get Betances, while also helping eat Ellsbury’s contract….

Anthony Bellino

Neither Cessa nor Austin are Rule 5 eligible, and neither would be cut to protect prospects. Combine that with their desire to get under tax threshold, Stanton to Yanks never happening.

Michael Serra

I really like your first option. Even if we have to add another (rule 5 eligible) prospect.


I’m with Harmony, that trade makes no sense from Seattle’s PoV. Its about as unrealistic as some of junk offers you hear from BoSox fans. Ellsbury is one of the worst contracts in baseball, he might be worth 5-7M as a FA. Tyler Austin has yet to hit at the MLB level, and every team has plenty of hard throwing righty’s with no control in the minors, so I’m not sure why you’d assume Seattle would jump at the chance at acquiring Betances either. He’s going to have to reprove his worth all over again. People need to stop thinking… Read more »


This first trade seems in the ballpark of what it would take. I think giving up Gardner instead of Headley is more realistic. The Marlins can then either use Gardner or trade him for more parts if they want.

The second trade proposal is way off. The Mariners get Betances, take on all of Ellsbury’s contract, and get Austin (which barely moves the needle in a trade of this magnitude)? For this, they give up 2 promising young pitchers? Why on Earth would they do this?

Lindy Stoops

The deal is light for Seattle. Miami would need to toss in Bour to Seattle to balance the deal.

George Thomas

Well, a writer who does not know the difference between “wave” and “waive” starts off on the wrong foot.

seandre grant

I love the basis of the scenerio 2 deal. It is great because the yankees would get rid of the ellsbury contract for the stanton and still be inline to get under the luxary tax. We have a great bullpen and can withstand the loss of a seemingly erratic betances. my only problem is what does the stanton aquisition do to adding bryce harper and/or manny machado next off season?

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