Yankees Trading for Frazier, Robertson, Kahnle Losing Rutherford, Clarkin Worth It?

Yankee Stadium Subway SignIt looks it is complete. The Yankees went into 2017 hoping to compete but truly knowing this was a rebuilding year. Well a phenomenal first two months and a poor June put the Yankees in a place where the playoffs and the division are both possibilities this year. Well there are a couple of glaring holes in New York. First base has been an issue due to injury and poor performance and the bullpen could sure use another arm or two. Tyler Clippard and others have been flat bad before the Bombers get to the two monsters. Here we go, the Yankees trading but will it be worth it?

Well the answer is in. The Yankees are making moves to try and take it all in 2017. It appears that the Yankees are about to acquire Todd Frazier from the White Sox while also bringing relief pitcher Daniel Robertson back home while also adding the arm of Tommy Kahnle. Kahnle is a former Yankee system product who has a big arm and will help the pen.

But what is the cost? The good news first. The Yankees will be showing Tyler Clippard the door so that is almost addition by subtraction. But the reports are that the Yankees are parting with Ian Clarkin a young starting pitcher and one of my favorite prospects in young crazy talented Blake Rutherford.

Here is how I see Clarkin. He missed 2015 with elbow tendinitis. He has a low 90s fastball and two other pitches, one being plus. His curve is a huge one-to-seven breaking pitch that can get many a talented batter out. He should grow into a harder fastball but again, the injury concerns remain. When he is on he is very good but injury concerns are there already. Even missing one year puts him that much farther behind the power curve. If healthy and refined he can be a number three starter in the rotation but he could just as easily flame out due to injuries. Overall, I am okay with losing Clarkin.

Rutherford bothers me. I had him at number two in the system to start the year. Many scouts already say Rutherford is the best pure hitter from the 2016 draft. His instincts in the field only complement his above average but not insane arm. He is solid and does not let many ball gets by him. He always finds a way to be in the right spot at the right time. At the plate, his eye is beyond tremendous and already has plus power before he bulks up and grows into his body. He is a left-handed hitter with power that should strive hitting to right field in the Bronx. I do not throw this around often but Rutherford has a chance to be a big time superstar at the big league level.

It also appears a fourth player will be traveling as well. That player is unknown at this time.

So we are giving up prospects to win now but what is the cost for a half year rental of Todd Frazier who might get to 30 home runs and is batting just north of .200. He is a free agent so he will not be back. I have never been high on him and will not be any time soon. Daniel Robertson returns to where he spent his first seven MLB years. He is pitching very well this year and his 12/7K/9 along with sub-1.00 WHIP will be of benefit but he is short term signed thru next year. Kahnle is 27 and under team control for a long time (2021). He also has a sub-1.00 WHIP and his 15K/9 is nuts.

So for me it is Todd Frazier flyer but making the swing and miss aspects of the bullpen flat insane. Kahnle, Robertson, Dellin Betances, and then Aroldis Chapman thru the end of next year is about as lockdown as it comes. Is it worth it?

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