Yankees Trade Impacts and Promotions After Gleyber Torres Injury

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If you are a Yankee fan and live under a rock it is entirely possible that you have not heard the news. The number two prospect in baseball and top prospect in a deep New York Yankee farm system, Gleyber Torres, requires Tommy John surgery (For more on Tommy John surgery and the Yankees click here) and will miss the remainder of the 2017 season as well as an winter ball he might have been a part of. This type of injury for a non-pitcher is not common but it is on his non-throwing elbow and the prognosis is not as dire as many might think. All that being said, Yankees trade impacts and promotions after Gleyber Torres injury are real and cannot be ignored. The key is to not overreact to a prospect injury. Let’s not freak out here and just let everyone go according to plan, as much as possible.

Torres is a natural shortstop who has been spending considerable time at second base as well as third base as he moved through the system. In fact, since being called up to Triple-A Scranton, he played nine games at Short Stop and nine games at Third Base. He is one of the future stars for the Yankees; well at least they hope so.

The challenge is that the Yankees made moves as stop-gaps or holding spots over the last couple of years. Chase Headley has one year left on a four year pact with the Bombers that will pay him $13 Mil in 2018. Starlin Castro was acquired and is under contract until 2020 if the team exercises the club option. Didi Gregorius is Arb 3 eligible in 2018 and not a free agent until 2020. These were all some form of stop-gap until the future group including Torres, arrived. Of course a funny thing happened with plans, Gregorius and Castro have been better than expected.

Yankees Trade Impacts and Promotions After Gleyber Torres Injury– Chase Headley

While Brian Cashman has publically said they were not going to promote Torres to replace Headley, it wasn’t going to be for lack of trying. Headley, while a standup guy that appears unflappable, has not delivered on the promise of the $52 MIL deal that he inked with the club. But in his defense, he really only had one big offensive year (2012) and everything else was sub-par offensive production for a Third Baseman.  He glove and arm have been his main asset but those are not reasons to keep him. Now the Torres injury all but assures that will not change. Of course the challenge would have been finding a team in need of Headley who is frankly an average veteran with only one game of playoff experience. The logical internal option for the Yankees is Tyler Wade. I profile him at the beginning of the year here.

Yankees Trade Impacts and Promotions After Gleyber Torres Injury –Tyler Wade

Paging Tyler Wade, paging Tyler Wade. The Yankees are best served calling on then services of their super utility player in the making, Tyler Wade. This of course assumes that the Yankees are really not content with the production of Chase Headley. Honestly, that would be shocking since Headley has been the same now that he was the last few years. While not stellar, someone has to hit eighth in the lineup and Headley is solid enough defensively. But Tyler Wade has been productive at Scranton hitting .322 with an OBP of .386 and an OPS of .848. He lacks power (but so does Headley) but has swiped 20 bags in 64 games. Wade profiles more as a Second Baseman than Third Base but that gives me an idea.

Yankees Trade Impacts and Promotions After Gleyber Torres Injury – Starlin Castro

Castro is under team control until 2020 and has been exceeding expectations over the last two years. He is batting in the middle of the lineup and is a clear block for other talented players. Maybe the injury to Torres opens up a slightly more conventional option. Move Castro to third base and then use a combination of Ronald Torreyes and a promotion of Tyler Wade at second base. This move could test the ability and long term sustainability of Castro in pinstripes and let the Bombers take a look at Wade and Torreyes over the second half of the season. It will go a long way in determining who is ready, who is not, and what holes will need to be filled. Miguel Andujar was promoted to Scranton to fill the roster spot but even though he is a third baseman, he is not close to ready for MLB service at this time.

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